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Charles Beilman of Wallingford CT owns a flourishing business and has lived there for 20 years.

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Charles Beilman enjoys living in the town of Wallingford, and he has spent a great deal of his life in the Connecticut (CT) area. Although many of his friends call him Chuck, he also is referred to as Charles Beilman.

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Charles Bielman Wallingford CT is a common mis-spelling.

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The following is a short story written by someone smarter than me...

The Little Fishy Who Went to Space

There was once a little fish named Timmy. Every weekday, Timmy and his best friend Stu would go to Sea-Shell High School. Yes, Timmy and Stu would meet all of their friends and have a wonderful time swimming around the vast ocean. However, this school had no teachers. Nor had it take attendance. In fact, the school that Timmy and Stu attended didn't even have walls. "Why?" one might ask. Well, that's because a school of fish is actually "[a] large group of aquatic animals, especially fish, swimming together". No learning (or teaching) required!

That might lead to an easy and relaxing life, but Timmy wasn't happy with that. He wanted to be the best fish in the sea. Ever since he met Stu's family, Timmy swore to never become them. Mr. Pitt, Stu's father, was a popular fish in the community. He lived in the nicest coral around and ate only the best algae, served to him of course by only the most sophisticated and well-dressed members of society. Mrs. Pitt is not related to Timmy at all. She is just someone who enjoys the same high-quality algae and spacious coral home that Mr. Pitt has earned. She does nothing but complain about how terrible her life is when everything is handed to her. Timmy would never let this happen to him or anyone he cared about!

One day, Timmy had an idea at school. It was just an idea, though. He ran it by Stu, who wasn't very smart. Stu thought it wouldn't work and was too dangerous. He thought that Mr. Pitt would sue Timmy for all the algae in the sea if his son got hurt. Timmy wasn't deterred though; He went hard at work building his creation...

A few weeks later, Timmy's creation was done: A ROCKET SHIP! He didn't have time to test the kelp-powered rocket, but he didn't care. Soon, Timmy would be off to live in a place where no weaklings like Mr. Pitt or ESPECIALLY Mrs. Pitt were allowed. He would make all the rules, and things would work properly. Timmy knew this utopian society was less than probable, but he had to give it a chance. Anything was worth it to stop the atrophy of the rich. Timmy locked himself into the rocket and prepared for the worst. He hit the button and off he went flying through the water toward the surface! Within seconds, he could see the whole coral reef and Sea-Shell High School below him. Timmy didn't look back too long though, because he had to pilot the craft around sharks and scuba divers that were so intent on taking dumb pictures to realize the sharks around them. Timmy was never seen again.

Many years later, Sea-Shell High School was interrupted by large amounts of black matter sinking through the ocean onto the surrounding area. Not a single fish was hurt in these strange and entirely unexplained occurrences, but millions upon millions of algae worth of housing was destroyed. This tragedy left 2 fish homeless... Mr. and Mrs. Pitt. Finally they were thrusted into a world of difficulties and struggles. Mr. Pitt, luckily, retained the dormant ability to physically and emotionally recover from this. Mrs. Pitt, on the other hand, had become so attached to her lifestyle of luxury that she died a day later. A sad story, yes. But what else was Timmy to do with all of his natural waste?

Ugly Fish

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